Expanding Markets for Real Estate Professionals

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For agents, brokers, real estate professionals and property sellers there are a multitude of technologies coming online to turn the real estate industry on its head.  When data and organized research that is important to today’s investors is available to more, we predict a significant market shift.  This shift will allow real estate professionals to have a higher frequency of repeat clients, allow them to participate in sales outside of their ‘home’ territory and bigger commission splits for referrals…among other changes.  One of the steps to making this shift is surfacing properties to potential investors regardless of where they are located.  Keeping in mind that they may not be familiar with the location of your property so it’s very difficult for them to discovery a good investment property in the traditional search systems.  In today’s market, investors, especially smaller investors with 1-3 properties usually buy in areas they have some current association with or have lived.  Either where they live now, it’s where they grew up or went to college or where they current have family or friends.  This provides a level of comfort when taking the leap to investing in a property.  Access to information always opens up markets and we believe it’s coming at a newly quickened pace in residential real estate.  

Identifying those specific data points is of critical importance when making an investment decision.  Add in the complexity that not every investor is the same and goals for any given investment are unique; quickly the data and information you need to make a decision just became a lot more complex.  As a real estate professional you likely market your listings in your local area.  You have a defined area where you work and that’s where you put your marketing efforts.  But what about those investors that are farther away.  How are they going to find you and how are they going to know that your market and your property are a good fit for them?  This is where we make the complexity more simple for buyers.  Applying data science across millions of data points we match investor profiles with properties available in the US.  As a first step we want to compliment the properties in our database with properties submitted by the property experts and professionals allowing for more detailed information about your market and what makes your property ideal for an investor.  The beauty of this is the ability to provide additional information that may be useful to investor versus someone who is looking to find their new home in which to live.  You can bet that if someone is searching for their next home they have made themselves very familiar with different neighborhoods and they are looking at a very targeted market, for investors their search can be much more broad.  If you have a listing that you would like investors to know more about submit it today!

Property Submission: http://bit.ly/2iWpa3y

Our buyers have created custom profiles for all of the varying types of investment properties they are currently interested .  We’d love to include your listing when it qualifies as a match and look forward helping you increase and expand you business.  

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