We have a vision, a vision of accessing robust data in a user friendly format to equip individuals and institutions to make faster and smarter real estate decisions. Redi Match focuses on the residential real estate market, and our journey is just beginning.

Tackling the big problems first.  We chose to enter the market starting with residential real estate. Public records of improvements, wear and tear on an individual property, and unique property characteristics are examples of research and data that are more challenging to obtain in comparison to commercial real estate.  It is true that many county recorders offices are working toward giving online access to their public records, but access still remains rare.  It is also true that many improvements to a property are outside the line of sight of a county office.  Further, there are the intangibles, not available publicly, such as sun exposure or views.  Our focus is on taking comprehensive individual property characteristics, neighborhood statistics, macro-economic trends and many more elements to create valuable insights for intelligent real estate decisions.

Residential Real Estate as an asset class.  We’ve noticed something else too.  Attention is shifting to residential real estate.  Invitation Homes went public this year with a $1.5B valuation, and many more REITs and real estate crowdfunding companies are now investing in residential real estate.  The largest institutions are getting into a sector that, historically, was reserved for individuals, investment groups and family offices.  These shifts will lead to faster innovation in data and technology specifically designed for the nuances of residential real estate. As a by-product of this trend, new markets may open up to those individuals who have been interested in diversifying their investments but have stayed away from residential real estate due to lack of information, location or finances.  As this investment asset class matures, we believe individuals and institutions will benefit from easier access to data.

We are serious about matching.  Big data has lead the way for personalization to insert itself in just about every aspect of life.  And why shouldn’t it?  Not everyone agrees, because at times it can feel invasive…but at other times it reduces your search efforts and ultimately saves you time and frustration.  Whether it’s Netflix suggesting a movie to you based on your prior movie consumption, or a dating site suggesting partners, you likely appreciate not having to start ‘fresh’ with every new search.  We feel the same in real estate.  We recently launched the ability to create custom profiles to match you against the properties you are analyzing.  We have big plans to make Redi Match more robust, allowing for discovery of new properties you may not have previously considered, and increasing the matching criteria to help analyze properties you already own or are assessing.

Whether you need an on-demand dashboard at your fingertips or you want to export reports to deliver to clients, Redi Match is your one stop shop.  Learn more by visiting us at www.redimatch.com.


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