Is it savvy marketing or is the real estate industry really becoming push-button easy?  With Zillow Offers and TurnKey, a partnership between Amazon and Realogy (the largest residential brokerage in the U.S.) real estate finally seems to be taking a giant leap forward.  It certainly grabs headlines when you see the largest companies in the real estate business changing the way the industry does business. Not to mention a partnership with a company like Amazon, one of the biggest in the world with nearly unlimited data, that continues to change the way everything is purchased.  Home Easy ButtonFrom recommendations on products, to devices that listen in your home, it’s easy to assume that they could not only successfully match you with a real estate agent (or a home!) but that they could know before you do that you that a move might be in your future.  From analyzing product purchases to hearing keywords Amazon knows a lot. Think about mentions in your home, “I’m interviewing for a job out of town”, “we are outgrowing our house”, “do you think we could afford a vacation home”. Prior you might have thought that Amazon would use that information to start serving you ads for moving boxes….now they are inching their way to serving you ads for houses to buy.  Their first match will be to pair you with an agent where Zillow Offers will help you make a move quickly by purchasing your house in a matter of a couple of days, allowing any seller to become a much more attractive buyer. All of this does sound push-button easy. There is no doubt there is a long way to go before the entire residential market changes, but it is now glaringly obvious that the pace of change is going to increase. 

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